Disclosure Ready

Intelligent Disclosure Management

Disclosure Ready is a secure platform which redefines disclosure management for family law firms.

It harnesses the capabilities of AI to automate and systemise document collection, categorisation and disclosure in family law matters.

Why use Disclosure Ready?

Simplify how your clients disclose documents and information to you

Streamline the procedure of gathering documents from clients and preparing them for disclosure to counter-parties in family law cases - they simply upload their documents directly into the portal.

AI-led automation of document processing and organisation

Leveraging AI technology, it automates the task of categorising documents into appropriate folders - pinpointing essential data, like dates and financial details.

Easy disclosure to the other side and progress tracking

The comprehensive disclosure process ensures legal teams can securely share and track disclosure of all relevant information to counter-parties.

Disclosure Ready features

Here’s how Disclosure Ready is transforming the way in which busy legal professionals work

Simple, fast uploading of documents

Automatic categorisation and organisation of documents

Flagging missing information

Instant and easy searching

Tracking the documents disclosed

About Disclosure Ready

Our purpose

Our purpose is to transform disclosure management supported by AI innovation. We aim to surpass traditional limits, making efficiency and compliance easier than ever.

Our values

We believe working collaboratively together delivers the best results for everyone. We highly value the insights, experience and contributions of our team, our users and our community.

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