About Disclosure Ready

Disclosure Ready is a product by Legal Ready

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Our purpose

Our purpose is to transform disclosure management supported by AI innovation. We aim to surpass traditional limits, making efficiency and compliance easier than ever.

As pioneers, we’re rethinking age-old legal norms with AI at the core of our services. This isn’t about mere effectiveness; we strive to redefine what’s possible. Potential clients might find our approach to disclosure management attractive, as we’re not just adapting, but reimagining the entire process. And in so doing provide new standards to streamline the disclosure process.

Our values


We believe working collaboratively together delivers the best results for everyone. We highly value the insights, experience and contributions of our team, our users and our community.

Supportive and Responsive

We work quickly and effectively to address issues and solve the problems experienced by any of our users. We listen to our customers’ needs and do whatever it takes to help our users make the most of our technology.


We challenge the status quo and actively look for new and better ways to do things. We are committed to making life simpler for our customers and to delivering to the highest quality standards.

Honest and fair

We are honest with each other and with our community. We treat everyone fairly, embrace diversity and do not tolerate unethical or inappropriate behaviour.


We put people ahead of profit. We care deeply about the wellbeing of our team, our customers and our community.

Environmentally responsible

We develop technology that has a positive impact on the environment.

Legal Ready's Founder, Stephen Foley

Stephen has 30+ years’ experience developing transcript and document management systems for barristers and courts in Australia, UK and USA.

Stephen has a passion for technology that better manages complex legal matters and streamlines the legal process, creating a smarter, more sustainable legal industry and access to justice for all.

Both his grandfather and father were barrister clerks and over his career he has developed practice management systems for many of the Lists in Melbourne, as well as transcript management systems including ‘Transcript Analyser’ and ‘LiveNote’.

Having graduated from RMIT with a ‘Bachelor of Applied Science’, which he then followed with a ‘Graduate Diploma in Computers’ from Monash University, Stephen spent the period between 1994 and 2010 living predominantly in the UK and US, during which time he worked with many of the top 100 global law firms.

Stephen Foley

Founder, Legal Ready

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