What is Disclosure Ready?

Disclosure Ready is a product by Legal Ready, and has been built with the specific objective to transform disclosure management in family law matters, making it simpler, faster and more secure.

The software leverages AI technology to automate the task of categorising documents into appropriate folders – pinpointing essential and missing data, like dates and financial details.

Which specific problems does Disclosure Ready address?

Until now, law firms have had various ways of handling the disclosure process. This disparate and inconsistent approach across the profession has seen a number of pain points and inefficiencies develop over time.

Working closely with law firms, they tell us they’re encountering these issues on a daily basis:

  • There is a distinct lack of transparency over when documents are disclosed during a family law matter – often causing disagreements and unnecessary conflict
  • Providing documents to opposing counsel is ad-hoc and varies from firm to firm – these inconsistencies lead to inefficiencies and errors
  • Managing the sheer volume of documents is often challenging for law firms
  • There are many unsecure ways in which clients provide documents to their lawyers – including via simple email
  • The time spent by legal staff collating, organising, filing, labelling and sharing documents is enormous, and extremely expensive for law firms

How does Disclosure Ready help manage the disclosure process?

The Disclosure Ready platform directly addresses common pain points. Neatly integrating within a firm’s existing tech stack, Disclosure Ready:

  • Eliminates traditional disclosure bottlenecks and the risks associated with multiple parties working in silos, often in the dark on who’s done what
  • Ensures all parties (including the courts) have full transparency on when documents are disclosed, and by whom
  • Allows firms to easily receive documents and financial statements from their clients, with fast, simple and secure document uploads
  • Holds documents securely on Australian servers, accessible only by those involved in a particular matter with allocated permissions
  • Automates the task of categorising documents into appropriate folders using
  • AI technology – pinpointing essential and missing data, like dates and financial details.
  • Enables users to instantly search across a range of documents and make private or public annotations.

How much training is required to be able to use the software?

Legal Ready software is widely acknowledged as being very user friendly, with minimal training required. In saying that, users who are aware of the full functionality and can make use of all of the features will get the most from the platform.

There are a number of training options available. Usually, we find that a half hour session with one of our team, or view of our ondemand video is all that is needed. We also offer ongoing support as needed.

Can opposing counsel and their client see all the documents held by my firm?

No. Privacy/security is maintained for each side of the matter to hold and manage documents for the matter. The opposing counsel (and their clients) only has access to documents disclosed by your firm through Disclosure Ready.

What if opposing counsel isn’t a Disclosure Ready client?

A law firm using Disclosure Ready can disclose documents with opposing counsel regardless of whether they are also a Disclosure Ready client. Opposing counsel will receive the documents and be able to use Disclosure Ready at no cost for that particular matter.

The Disclosure Ready team offers support and training to each firm that is a party to a matter either face to face, via our dedicated online training and certification platform, on demand videos or our Help Centre knowledge base.

Broadly speaking, the system is intuitive, and those firms who are already using Legal Ready’s other software product ‘eBrief Ready’, will be very familiar with the simple user interface and functionality.

What does Disclosure Ready cost?

Disclosure Ready is currently in its preview release program of development. As such, the pricing structure of the software is also being developed. We are actively working with law firms who are trialling the software to develop a fair and efficient pricing structure. More information can be seen here.

Do my clients need to purchase and download this software?

No. Each firm’s client gains access by a unique hyperlink which they send to them. The link is secure and only the recipient can ever upload or view documents using that specific link.

Can I disburse the expense of running my matter in Disclosure Ready?

Yes. The pricing model being developed will allow law firms to disburse the software cost for a particular matter. Pricing will be calculated on a per-matter basis. More information can be seen here.

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