Disclosure Ready features

Here’s how Disclosure Ready is transforming the way in which busy legal professionals work

Simple, fast uploading of documents

Effortlessly upload both PDF and non-PDF files to the Disclosure Ready platform

Flagging missing information

The technology flags potential missing information (like bank or credit card statements), for follow-up action, saving hours of manual work.

Automatic categorisation and organisation of documents

Leveraging AI technology, it automates the task of categorising documents into appropriate folders - pinpointing essential data, like dates and financial details.

Instant and easy searching

Not only are documents automatically organised for you into folders, you also have the ability to run quick and simple searches across all documents.

AI technology also allows you to extract dates and develop an instant chronology of important elements of information.

Tracking the documents disclosed

Remove the risk of losing track of what has and hasn’t been disclosed - all of the documents disclosed can be easily viewed via a dashboard. It’s also possible to track when documents have been viewed or downloaded by the other side.

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